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Welcome to the Road to Somewhere (R2S) journal. This is where you can read about the miles, smiles, sights and experiences that Christopher John Vezeau has logged on his 2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm. 

Bikers Against Bullies” Motorcycle Ride 2012

Several of us will be joining a Poker Run this Sunday starting at the Broken Oar. Here’s the registration link and other details:

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National Motorcycle Museum

This looks like it would be a fun overnight trip.The National Motorcycle Museum is one of a dozen or so official museums across the country. Per their website:  The National Motorcycle Museum was founded in 1989 by people who love motorcycling and it thrives today because of their sound plan. Engineers, racers, bike builders, tuners and others as far back as the late 1800′s built

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Helmet Saves Motorcyclist from 100 ft Fall

Think a helmet won’t save you? Think again.

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The Road to New Glarus, Wisonsin

The road to New Glarus was a two-day adventure covering three states: Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa:

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Start Seeing Motorcycles?

I don’t think the Police for the 2012 Olympics will have an issue being seen. Do you?

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August 4, 2012 – New Glarus Brewery

About this ride New Glarus Brewery is a microbrewer in New Glarus, Wisconsin. There most popular beer is probably Spotted Cow (if you haven’t had one, you should). This is a planned day ride that will have us leaving Cary, Illinois the morning of Saturday, August 4th and then returning later that evening. Proposed Route The ride itself will be a good one with lots

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Galena & the Great River Road Adventure

I always look forward to the trip to Galena, Illinois and this time was no exception. The way out to Galena takes you down the Stage Coach Trail – one of Illinois’ best motorcycle roads – through rolling, winding roads. On the way to Galena, Stage Coach Trail passes through the towns of Lena, Nora, Warren, Apple River and Scales Mound. I’m always struck by

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Tour de France – Motorcycle vs. Bicycle

I love the Tour de France. Aside from the thrills of the race itself and the absolutely gorgeous scenery, I’ve often wondered about those people who ride the motorycles. Each team seems to have a dedicated motorcycle, then there are the race officials and don’t forget about the cameramen bringing those awesome road-level shots. Have you ever wondered if a racing bicycle could beat a

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Doggie in a sidecar

This is a fun story: Full Story: Golden Retriever rides in side-car

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My View of Harley Riders

I love ya, but you know you Harley riders are conforming non-conformists. Just replace the t-shirts with Harley Davidson and black leather and the point is the same. ; )

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Road to Somewhere

Road to Somewhere motorcycle blog is the personal journal of Christopher J. Vezeau. I am a writer and a rider.