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The R2S Journal

Welcome to the Road to Somewhere (R2S) journal. This is where you can read about the miles, smiles, sights and experiences that Christopher John Vezeau has logged on his 2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm. 

The Amazing Ride

Ever since my eldest brother, Don, gave me the opportunity to ride his Yamaha Enduro motorcycle when I was a teenager, I was a fan of motorcycling. He would let me borrow it over the weekend to ride around town and it was a blast. I never bit the bullet and bought my own bike, but often thought about it. My fascination with two wheels

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 6

Tail of the Dragon - Day 6

We departed Robbinsville that morning and heading south on US-129. We high-tailed it eastward on US-74 and worked our way towards Bryson City. Located along the Nantahala River, roughly 10 miles or so from Bryson City, are a handful of rafting and zip-lining outfits. This part of US-74 is very enjoyable as you ride parallel to the river. You get a real sense of the

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 5

Tail of the Dragon - Day 5

The day had finally arrived for us to experience the Tail of the Dragon! The “Dragon” is an eleven mile stretch of US 129 that crosses Deal’s Gap at the North Carolina-Tennessee state line. It is a road that’s been on my personal bucket list for quite some time, and I was about to check it off. The stretch of road is known locally as

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 4

Tail of the Dragon - Day 4

On the morning of our fourth day a few of the guys woke up early and went over to Bob Evans for a bigger breakfast. Rob, Randy and I just went over to McDonald’s for a quick bite instead; a decision that was part financially driven and part sensitivity to time. We had mapped out a rough route last night, but I wanted a route that was a little more concrete. The roads between Lake City and Gatlinburg were a bit challenging in the sense that most roads in that area angled in a northwestern direction leaving no direct route. We’d have to meander through a number or roads and hope for the best. So, I wrote down major turns on a McDonald’s napkin and we saddled up and headed out.

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 3

Tail of the Dragon - Day 3

Instead of heading to Eastern Kentucky per the original route that I had planned out on, the group decided to head towards another motorcycle road, the Devils Triangle, that we had heard about from another motorcyclist in the area.

The Devils Triangle is just north of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The most notable portion of “The Triangle” is the stretch of Tennessee Route 116 which runs between Petros and Lake City, Tennessee. So instead of following our original route to the East side of I 75 and then South, we decided to take a direct route Southeastward down into that general area where we could find accommodations for the evening. This ended up being a great call.

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 2

Tail of the Dragon - Day 2

Day two of our Tail of the Dragon trip had us departing the Last Resort RV Campground in Nashville, Indiana the morning of June 14th. The Hob Nob Corner Restaurant was the recommended by the attendant at the park office as the preferred local breakfast stop. As we chatted with her during the checkout process, I eventually had her in tears as she listened to me complain about Dan turning on the space heater on a mid-summer night. Oh sure, it was pretty funny if you weren’t the one suffering on the top bunk in that sauna of a cabin, but I digress. She ended up confirming the place to go for breakfast, so we saddled up and headed out.

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Tail of the Dragon – Day 1

Tail of the Dragon - Day 1

The Tail of the Dragon has been on my bucket list ever since I discovered the top motorcycling destinations within the United States. The “Dragon” is a section of US 129 that sits on the southwestern border of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It is one of the most popular motorcycle roads in the United States with 318 curves in and 11 mile downhill stretch. That’s crazy.

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Team Triumph Annual Fall Open House

Team Triumph Annual Fall Open House

I was looking for an excuse to get out on my Triumph Thunderbird Storm this past Saturday. While browsing Facebook updates earlier that week, I noticed a promotion on a few Triumph related pages that Team Triumph in Janesville, Wisconsin was hosting their Annual Fall Open House was happening this weekend. I saw that on of my fellow Triumph riders, Randy (or do you say Randal) Birkey had indicated that he was attending. It turns out Randy and his buddy Lee Hoffner were both planning on heading to the event, so I decided to join them. Both of them ride Triumph Bonneville modified cafe racers: Randy a 2008 and Lee a 2013.

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Roller Coaster Road (Alden Road – Wisconsin)

Roller Coaster Road (Alden Road - Wisconsin)

A brief trip down roller coaster road (at a moderate speed). The road is more fun with an open throttle. ; )

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Heading South on Alden Road (Illinois)

Heading South on Alden Road (Illinois)

Here’s a video of my ride South on Alden Road in Northern Illinois returning back from Team Triumph’s Annual Fall Open House in Janesville, Wisconsin. This road is picked up two miles East of Walworth, Wisconsin on Lakeville Road. Alden Road continues past the Wisconsin-Illinois state line.  

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