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GlobeRiders – IndoChina Expedition

GlobeRiders - IndoChina Expedition

Adventure in IndoChina

One of the things that attracts me to motorcycling is the inherent sense of adventure it provides. It doesn’t matter if you’re running local errands or on a weekend trip, riding a motorcycle is a better way to travel because all of your senses are aroused. Since buying my first bike, I’ve enjoyed this immensely, however, I’ve always been a bit jealous of those who have expanded their adventures to travel outside of their immediate area. My bike is a cruiser style bike, but one day I’ll get a BMW GS series, which I am convinced is the work-horse of all adventure riding.

I think of the first motorcycle adventure travel book that I read, Ghost Rider by Neil Peart, where he hit the “healing road” right after losing his entire family (wife and daughter) within the same year in trying to find himself. He had no itinerary and no real destinations in mind. He just got on his bike and rode through Canada, America and Mexico.

Then, there was the Long Way Round documentaries by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman that took us on a motorcycle journey around the world. What I loved about this documentary, as well as the follow-up Long Way Down documentary, was the people, places, scenery and culture that they shared. Generally speaking, you get the sense that the world is a good place filled with friendly people who are willing to get to know you, feed you and help you along your way.

The latest discovery I’ve found occurred when I was browsing the Amazon Prime streaming video libraries. For an annual fee, they give access to a Netflix like service that has access to both free and paid videos. I always access the documentary section because I’m a fan of mostly non-fiction story telling. I was pleased to see a series of motorcycle adventure videos by GlobeRiders, so I thought I’d give it a try.

About GlobeRiders

GlobeRiders was started by Helge Pedersen who traveled the world by himself for over ten years on his trusted BMW R80GS. Since this initial trek around the world, he has continued traveling on two wheels through his GlobeRiders motorcycle touring company, visiting over 100 countries and covering more miles than he can count.

The first video I watch was the GlobeRiders IndoChina Expedition. It covered a trip from Saigon to Singapore, traveling over 8,000 miles in 70+ days. In the fall of 2007, Helge, Sterling (videographer) and Chris (riding partner) conducted a 72-day expedition through the former colonies of IndoChina. The trails, tribulations and triumphs of this challenging expedition were captured on this DVD.

I love this stuff. This video was packed full of everything I like about motorcycling. I highly recommend checking this video out.

More information: GlobeRiders® – Your Motorcycle Adventure Touring Company – Come Ride the World with Us!

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