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Freddy Jones Band @ Two Brothers Hop Juice Festival (Friday, June 1st)

Ok, most everyone who knows me, knows that the Freddy Jones Band is one of my favorite bands. They haven’t produced much lately in terms of new music, but I like to think my support of their sparse touring schedule (in the Chicagloand area) over the past few years has helped motivate them to get their asses back into the studio.

This summer, they have a few appearances in the Chicago area playing at different festivals. One of those dates is at the Two Brothers Hop Juice Festival in Aurora, IL. I think an FJB concert is good….but an FJB concert with Two Brothers beer!?!? I mean, come on.

Anyway…this is my birthday weekend (beginsubliminalmessage:buymesomething:edsubliminalmessage), and I think it’d be fun to get a group of guys together for a  ride down to the show. Who’s in?

P.S. Check out the YouTube videos above.

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