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The Amazing Ride

Ever since my eldest brother, Don, gave me the opportunity to ride his Yamaha Enduro motorcycle when I was a teenager, I was a fan of motorcycling. He would let me borrow it over the weekend to ride around town and it was a blast. I never bit the bullet and bought my own bike, but often thought about it. My fascination with two wheels began when I was a child when I discovered Evel Knievel. I was the neighborhood champ with riding wheelies and jumping home-made ramps. Then…life happened. I got married (to a girl who’s brother had died on a motorcycle), settled down and had three children.

It wasn’t until the father of one of my daughter’s softball teammates approached me about buying his 1988 Honda Shadow that I would rekindle the desire to ride again. Although I was sensitive to the loss that she and her family had experienced, there were undoubtedly circumstances that led to the ultimate outcome. I didn’t think it fair that I should be penalized or held-back from my genuine true love of motorcycling because of the actions of another (whom I never even knew). I didn’t ask permission from my wife, I essentially told her that I was thinking about it to test the waters. When she didn’t express verbal opposition, it was an indication to me that enough time had passed.

Since that time, I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast/adventurer. Not in the sense of true adventure riding, but in the sense of embarking on weekend – and in recent years – week-long trips with fellow riders. The comradery of fellow riders, the sights and smells, the unknowns and the overall adventure is what touches my soul. As a professional technical writer, I thought it natural to begin journaling my adventures, so I launched a website to help me capture memories to share with others. It’s a work in progress, but I’m determined to continue sharpening my skills both a motorcyclist and a writer. I view them both as professions.

It is productions like “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down” with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, as well as Marley Africa Road Trip with Ziggy and his brothers that continue to inspire me. The biggest impacts that these documentaries/productions have is that often it is the most difficult part of the journey that ends up being the most rewarding. I’m fascinated at what you can learn with adventure riding, if you can keep your perspective and allow yourself that opportunity. I’ve applied this lesson to my business profession, as well.

Although most of my motorcycle adventures have been on a performance cruiser style bike (today, a 2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm), I do have experience with off-road riding. I’ve also have a longer term goal to buy a BMW GS someday so that I can experience more raw adventure riding. When I found your site through a Facebook link (video), I decided to check out the broadcast schedule. I then learned that you’re in the planning stages and thought…..why not.

So…..why not? I’d love to be considered because I think I know the outcomes that you’re looking for. ; )

Road to Somewhere

Road to Somewhere motorcycle blog is the personal journal of Christopher J. Vezeau. I am a writer and a rider.