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Woodstock Triumph – A Welcome Sight

Woodstock Triumph - A Welcome Sight

woodstock-triumphI was pleased to learn that Woodstock Harley-Davidson was adding an “add-on” Triumph dealership to their retail location. Although I have not issue with MCC, where I bought my bike, Villa Park is a bit of a haul for me. The next closest Triumph dealer was Chicago Motor Works which is located on the West side of the city.

Having a Triumph dealership within a half hour is a definite bonus for me. I’m having them mount my HardStreet Slimbags as we speak, so I should have an idea of how competent their service departments is within the next day or so. Given the reputation of this dealership/service center from what I’ve heard from other riders, I’m not too worried.

It’ll be fun to see how the hard-nosed Harley gang responds to a British motorcycle dealership so near to their beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It was pretty humorous to learn from the Triumph salesperson there that a number of Harley customers walk up to the Triumph/KTM dealership, poke their heads in (without stepping into the store) and hesitantly look around as if they’ve never seen such beautifully designed, high performance bikes before. I guess if you think about that, it’s kind of true. (lighten up, I’m just kidding) ; )

The Triumph dealership isn’t wasting any time building awareness/excitement with their Second Sunday events. On the second Sunday of every month, they’re hosting an outdoor motorcycle rally with cafe racers, European bikes and even American (go figure). I like the fact that Woodstock Harley is apparently attempting to educate its clientele on being more accepting of other types of motorcycle enthusiasts, and not just the black leather and bandanna gang. We’re all in this together gang. Can’t we all just get along?

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