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Life is an Open Road...

Christopher J. Vezeau

Christopher J. Vezeau

This is the motorcycle journal of Christopher John Vezeau, an avid motorcycle enthusiast, adventurer and professional writer. Riding and writing is my life. On this site I will publish thoughts, reflections and musings about my adventures on the road.

...for anyone who desires to diverge from the beaten path and visit points that may be of peculiar interest to him personally, the motorcycle is undoubtedly the only satisfactory means of travel. - Carl Sterns Clancy

Here you'll find narrative and supporting photos from previous rides, information on upcoming rides, product reviews, information on motorcycle safety, skills development, book and movie reviews, as well as various other types of information.

I encourage you to leave your thoughts (positive and negative) to my postings.

Enjoy the site, leave some feedback and maybe - just maybe - someday I'll see you out on the road to somewhere.

Road to Somewhere

Road to Somewhere motorcycle blog is the personal journal of Christopher J. Vezeau. I am a writer and a rider.